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The Ceremony Venue

Probably the biggest decision that you will need to make about your wedding day is the type of ceremony that you want. Apart from the many cultural ceremonies, depending on your beliefs, there are various options open to you. In the main, there are the religious ceremonies held at churches, mosques and temples, there are registry office ceremonies as well as civil ceremonies held at licensed wedding venues (Approved venue).

After deciding whether you want to have a religious or civil ceremony, a main consideration in your choice of venue is your proposed numbers. Your venue obviously needs to be large enough accommodate your guests, as well as having an area for your photographs after your ceremony. Of course, if your reception venue is different to your ceremony venue, then it may be that you will have an area for photographs at that venue.

When booking a religious ceremony, you need to book the venue at your earliest opportunity, after which you can arrange the reception venue. When booking a civil ceremony at a licensed venue, the sooner that you can reserve the date, the better your chance of getting the date that you want. Once that you have booked the venue then you need to book the registrar. The registrars have various rules on booking your date, but most Counties will take your provisional booking 24 months prior to your date and then you can book your date 12 months before, but it is always important to check with your local authority. You will find that the registrars are always very helpful and approachable and their aim is to make your day a truly wonderful experience. All venues require a deposit to confirm your booking, so it is worth checking with your chosen venue that they are happy to alter the date in the unlikely event that the registrar is unable to accommodate your first choice of date.

There are a number of Approved venues now that have their own hotels or accommodation. This might be worth consideration if you want the whole wedding to be at the same venue. If the Bride stays the night before and gets ready at the hotel it will save on the cost of wedding cars. However if you require wedding cars it is very important to book them as soon as you have your venues booked.

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