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The Beginning


Welcome to the first post on my blog, the beginning, and the beginning of your journey as a Bride and Groom,

and Congratulations on your engagement !

You now have the exciting task of planning your wedding day, one of the most important and the most special day of your life, that you want to be perfect.

Many couples find out very quickly that this can be a daunting task. There are likely to be lots of people who want to offer their input to your planning, whether you want it or not.

Remember that it is your day and so you should have what you want. Of course this is not always possible, depending on who is paying for the day. If there are others who are contributing to the cost of the wedding day then they surely must have some say in the arrangements. Even so, be firm if you are not in agreement with their thoughts and try and discuss the matter sensibly. You will find that you are very likely going to need to compromise throughout, with each other, with family and friends, with your budget, with your venue facilities, and other matters to numerous to mention. The main thing to remember is to enjoy the planning of your wedding day. It is exciting and its fun, and while every item is important, you will be extremely lucky if everything should go exactly to plan, so accept this, and accept that you will be faced with challenges, the majority of which will be overcome easily, so don't get stressed (easier said than done). In every aspect of your wedding planning you will be dealing with experienced suppliers who have come across many situations over the years and who will be only to pleased to help and advise you. All of us in the wedding industry have one common goal of helping to make your day the most magical and special day, where your dreams become reality.

There are so many points for you to consider, from the type of wedding ceremony and reception venue to whether you want tooth picks on the table. It's my intention over the next few posts to try and break down the planning into easy lists, giving you a few matters to consider to make your wedding day plans easier to handle.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding and would like any advice that I haven't covered in my posts yet then I am more than happy for you to contact me by email, or if it's urgent call me on 07940 837461.

The next post will be on wedding ceremonies and venues.

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